Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bohol Getaway - Day 1

I wanted to surprise Mannix with this something for our 7th Wedding Anniversary! So my sister Ghe and I planned a 3d2n vacation/trip to Bohol for almost a month ago. Actually she did all the researched and itinerary hehehe. I was so busy kasi during my last month in OSI. My boss wanted to get most of my time while i'm still in the team.

To cut the story short, natuloy kami kahit madami aberya. Like, umalis yaya ni Andrea, kakadaan lang ni Ondoy. Isa pang pahabol na aberya muntik kami maiwan ng flight namin dahil sa nawawalang tripod! wew! Buti mabait yung checkin counter at sinamahan nya kami para i bypass ang tripod namin kasi ndi na na weigh. [super takbo naman kami]

We arrived at Tagbilaran airport as scheduled. Deretso na agad kami for the Day tour. Tour guide namin ni kuya Kevin.

1. Blood Compact Site. A significant event in Bohol when a Spanish explorer named Miguel López de Legazpi made a peace pact with the native chieftains, Datu Sikatuna which was signified with a blood compact. This event is celebrated every year during the Sandugo Festival.

2. Baclayon church was one of the oldest church in the Philippines and was also made famous because of the image of St. Pio that marked on its wall.

3. Tarsier encounter. A tarsier is one of the smallest known primate. This endangered species is often tagged as "The world's smallest monkey". However, it is not a monkey. Some scientists consider tarsiers to be a taxonomic suborder among the primates. [Read more]

Bawal ang may flash pag nag take ng pictures.

4. Cruise on Loboc River while having lunch. This is a buffet lunch of different Philippine delicacies like pakbet, adobong pusit, pancit bami, puto't kutsinta, and fresh fruits like water melon, pineapple, green mango with bagoong and many more. While eating and listening to the music played by the band on board, the boat will slowly take you along the river to enjoy the beautiful green landscape and feel the fresh air. It was really relaxing. Along the way, the boat will stop at one of the nipa hut where singing natives in pink will entertain everyone with their song and dance.

5. Man-made Mahogany forrest. Kuya Kevin said it was created to prevent landslide in Bilar. He also said the cutting these trees are prohibited. Even when a tree died they just let it dry and leave it as is and preserved.

6. Chocolate Hills. The most famous tourist attraction in Bohol.

You will have to climb the 214 steps to see the beautiful landscape.

7. Hanging Bridge. A bridge made with steel cables and bamboo flooring which connects two barangays. [We didn't had the guts to cross the bridge. We are scared to death! hahaha]

8. Butterfly Sanctuary.

After our day tour, we checked in at Dumaluan Hotel in Panglao. A nice and cozy Jr. Suite room made me snug early in bed after dinner at the beach front. hehehe.


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